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Tuya wifi Plug base and wifi breaker Max 10A

Short Description:

Wifi Plug base and wifi breaker is additionals smart products to home. withe Smart plug or Smart Breaker, you can control the electric device linked after them. such as TV, electric cooker, washing machine an etc. You can choose the timing function to turn on the electric device on time.

  • Series Code: STRXXX
  • Series Name: Smart Contactor
  • Range: Smart Control
  • MOQ: 500pcs
  • Supply Ability: 0.5 Million
  • Product Detail

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    Whatever Zigbee Wifi or bluetooth, let's see what function tuya added for a bulbs.1. Turn on/off  and dimming with your smart phone or voice,which means you can turn on your Chinse house lights when you are in  New Yorks.  2. CCT Dimmable, there will be two kinds of CCT led in the bulbs, then it happens.  3. RGBW dimmable, Three kinds of led chips in the bulbs, then it happens.

    oak wooden pendant lamp

    Code: STR035
    Name: Smart Plug
    Milk With
    EU/US Plug
    Max 10A
    Tuya Wifi+Blue

    oak wooden pendant lamp

    Code: STR038
    Name: Wifi Breaker
    Milk White
    Max 10A
    Tuya Wifi+Blue

    Products advantage


    • Glass blowing process
    • 2-Metal-CNC1
    • 3-Brushing1
    • 4-Welding1
    • 5-Installation1
    • 6-Glass-stock1
    • 7-Assemble1
    • 8-He-Gas-Charging1
    • 9-Aging-testing1
    • 10-Photoelectricity-Testing1
    • 11-QC1

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