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Floating pendant crystal lamp-Frozen Rain.

Algorithm is an expression of the mathematical poetry of nature. the lighting design by Toan nguyen , is a constellation of globes that seem to float in space like a flock of birds, or a frozen rain shower. the scheme offers endless compositions in which the spherical lamps can be suspended at different heights from a ceiling anchor of tubular mesh — the network of this metal structure generating its own additional shadows and visual effects
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the lighting appears as a constellation of globes that float in space like a flock of birds, or a frozen rain
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the intention was not to design a completely defined and ‘finished’ product, but a tool which allows any customer to create his own lighting system, in relation with the architecture space, the area to light and the desired kind of ‘graphic pattern, says designer Toan Nguyen.
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the ‘algorithm’ allows ones to suspend the globes at different heights to create a dynamic lighting design

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the globes are made from blown glass and feature a striated pattern on their surface

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alternative arrangement of ‘algorithm

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Each globe is outfitted with a 2W LED

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Maybe you think this lamp would be much expensive and complex. In fact, you can get those in a very low price. Because everybody can get parts of this series very easily.
However, the key point of this lamp not the crystal part or the LEDs,It is about the Algorithm. How to rank them in a limited space.
For sure, there are more glass shape for for hanging, and the led CCT and watts can be custom made.
As a custom lighting producer, always do things which we good at.

Post time: Feb-05-2021